Eddy Dankers is exceptionally fluent with paint and plaster. For him, they are not simply construction or decorative materials but a means of creating a harmonious, rich, and luminous atmosphere. Dankers arrives at his fluency via a family that has lived and breathed these materials for centuries. Cornelis Danckerts worked as an architect in the 16th century on such notable buildings as Amsterdam’s Westerkerk and the original stock exchange. Based in Antwerp, the family has been involved with the building arts in the Netherlands, Flanders, and abroad ever since.

Dankers’ uncommon talent with paint and plaster has been recognized not only by royalty—as a purveyor for the Royal Family of Belgium—but by perhaps the most admired master of interior design, Axel Vervoordt. For 30 years, in projects around the world, Dankers’ artistry has produced the surfaces that lend Vervoordt interiors their distinct depth and soul. Dankers humbly refers to himself as “an artisan painter” but he is a rare master of any and all finishes, an alchemist and artist in one.



A painter by training with a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, Eve Ashcraft is a leading architectural color specialist who has been immersed in specifying colors and creating palettes for 30 years. Her New York-based atelier, Eve Ashcraft Studio, is a trusted advisor to many of the top architects and designers in the United States who rely on her expertise with both materials and color for interiors and exteriors.

Ashcraft comes to Domingue having developed numerous influential paint palettes, from limited (Martha Stewart’s debut collection of 22 Araucana Colors) to extensive (redevelopment of 1200 colors for Ralph Lauren Paint).

The Master Palette she has created for Domingue Architectural Finishes Lime Wash and Mineral Paint offers an array of harmonious natural colors unprecedented in its range and beauty. This is her first time dealing exclusively with mineral pigments, an experience she views as an incomparable opportunity to work with the same materials used by such great fresco painters as Giotto, Piero della Francesca and Michelangelo.



An appreciation for materials that last and a taste for luxury that is warm, discreet and authentic is what drives Ruth Gay’s every endeavor. Chateau Domingue, the business she founded in Houston, TX in 2000, has become the leading source in the U.S. for monumental antiques, architectural elements and reclaimed materials such as stone and wood floors, all imported from Europe. Recently she has expanded her offerings with Maison Domingue, a line of handsome bespoke doors made of reclaimed European oak and pine, and with Atelier Domingue Architectural Metalcrafts, custom metal frame doors and windows that embody the slim profile, rigor and chic of European design.

With Domingue Architectural Finishes, Gay is both branching out and coming full circle. Beautiful plaster surfaces and lime wash and mineral paint finishes, all derived from natural elements, are the perfect companions to the timeless materials she already offers. The finishes shine equally bright in traditional and contemporary settings; environmentally their unimpeachable integrity makes them stars. Domingue Architectural Finishes is simply the latest expression of what has always driven Gay: a love in equal measure of quality and beauty.