Architectural Finishes





A collection of timeless natural plasters, derived from limestone quarried and slaked in Northern Italy, that addresses every possible need and style, from interior to exterior, smooth to rustic, classical to contemporary.

Lime Wash

A ready-mixed, mineral-based architectural topcoat, equally suitable for interiors and exteriors, that achieves a soft matte finish with depth and nuance ranging from subtle to expressive.

Mineral Paint

A ready-mixed finish coat for interior and exterior conditions that delivers an even matte finish long-prized for its depth of color, luminosity, lightfastness and durability.







Our lime-based products—plasters and lime wash—have no artificial ingredients or chemical additives. Their unique properties allow them to form a naturally strong bond with a substrate while allowing it to breathe. In addition to their pure composition, these products are earth-friendly in production and application, ensuring the health not only of personal living spaces but of our shared environment. Their appearance and character are unachievable with synthetic products.

Our products stray little from the original early formulations for plaster and paint. For testament to the beauty and durability of such materials one need look no further than the Pont du Gard aqueduct built with lime mortar by the Romans in the first century, the Palladian villas of the 16th century or 19th century buildings in Switzerland and Germany painted with mineral paint that is as vibrant today as when it was applied.