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Domingue Architectural Finishes


Made in Italy and imported from Belgium, our range of all-natural plasters, lime wash and mineral paint is the finest collection of architectural finishes ever available in the United States. Mineral-based plasters and paints, produced following formulas tested by time, are unrivaled in their purity, durability, coloration and beauty. 


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Lime Wash
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Long admired for the elegance and substance it contributes to both interiors and exteriors, Lime Wash achieves a nuanced finish that is visually soft yet physically durable. As healthy as it is beautiful our all-natural, mineral-based Lime Wash return paints to its origins and spaces to a pre-chemical environment.

About Lime Wash

Mineral Paint
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Mineral Paint delivers a traditional matte finish prized for its depth of color, luminosity and durability. Composed of dense mineral pigments in a clear binder of “liquid glass”, Mineral Paint achieves colors from earthy to intense and a finish that remains even and lightfast for centuries.


About Mineral Paint

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Derived from limestone quarried in northern Italy, our plasters are the equivalent of those used by Romans in the 1st century AD and Palladio in the Renaissance. Though steeped in history, lime plasters are perfectly suited to our time. Their natural composition restores health to interiors and exteriors; their timeless finishes address every style, from rustic to smooth, traditional to contemporary. 


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