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Lime Wash

Subtle & Elegant



A condensed, ready-mixed architectural topcoat, suitable for interior and exterior applications, that delivers a traditional matte finish in a beautiful range of soft colors. Composed of three all-natural ingredients: lime putty (the binder), mineral pigments, water (the solvent). Contains no chemical solvents or artificial ingredients. A 100% dilutable product that can be applied as a glaze, a wash, or full-strength. Bonds to the surface through a natural process resulting in a durable, breathable coating. May be applied directly to any mineral substrate that is untreated, unsealed, unpainted. May be applied to drywall and other non-mineral substrates providing they have been prepared with Bonding Primer. May be used as a wash to lime woodgrain.


• Matte appearance
• Superior light refraction & luminosity
• Will not crack or peel from UV light & acid rain
• Qualifies for highest LEED certification
• Naturally healthy & hypo-allergenic
• Zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
• Virtually odorless
• 100% permeable & breathable finish (prevents trapped moisture)
• Naturally high pH value (prevents mold & mildew)
• Non-flammable (can reduce insurance premiums)



Click here to download a pdf version of our color palette.


Noted color specialist Eve Ashcraft has created a range of colors, derived from natural mineral pigments, that are subtle, rich, and exceptionally harmonious.